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Clean Precision Laser Beam from the High-Peak Power CO2 LASER The Spectral absorption of water on a wavelength of 10,600 nanometers enables CO2 surgical laser to cut, vaporize and coagulate tissue by adjusting Power Density and Energy Level.​

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New definition for performance and effectiveness of Q-Swiched Nd:YAG laser Innovative laser toning! Rich-PTP toning! Faster toning Safer toning More effective toning High power GN mode – 3500mJ(Max) TRI-BEAM Premium™ produces a maximum power of 3,500 mJ in zoom HP 1064nm GN mode, collimation HP 1064nm GN mode, and fractional HP 1064 GN mode. Rich-PTP for Subcellular Selective Photothermolysis Deliver high power energy at 1.6J (per shot) - Use 20Hz Practically 40Hz d/t Dual pulse Produce mild thermal effect by 2 pulse peak energy - Minimizes Hyperpigmentation / Hypopigmentation / Pain Simulate collagen remodeling

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