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Quality you can feel

 which characteristics define good looks, and what makes a body special.

ABOUT Polytech

the only German manufacturer of breast implants and other silicone implants, our products are manufactured exclusively at our facility in Dieburg, Germany. Each implant undergoes very strict quality controls and is thoroughly tested. This ensures that we not only meet international requirements but exceed them. That is one of the many reasons surgeons in more than 75 countries trust in our breast implants and other products.



Breast Implants

Breast implants are classified as class III medical device, and are therefore among the most strictly controlled products on the market.We are greatly appreciative of this control and are aware of our responsibility. To meet our high standards, we produce breast implants exclusively in Germany. Every single breast implant undergoes a thorough examination before it is released to the market. 

When patients and their surgeons select the breast implant that is best suited to their needs, they can rest assured of having a body-friendly and safe product – regardless of the shape, size or surface chosen.